Samantha Simpson and Josiah Helland

Partner Yoga Bowspring Style

Discover the perfect blend of therapeutic body alignment, heart-centered connection, and a touch of acro yoga flair in Samantha and Josiah’s Partner Yoga class. Rooted in the transformative principles of Bowspring alignment, this unique class offers an inviting space for practitioners of all levels. Whether you arrive with a partner or meet one in class, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery, trust, and joyful togetherness. Through carefully curated poses and mindful guidance, Samantha and Josiah will lead you on an exploration of shared balance and alignment, where you’ll deepen your connection with both your own body and your partner’s. It’s an opportunity to find unity and harmony in the therapeutic power of yoga, fostering a sense of balance and connection that extends far beyond the mat. Come and experience the beauty of Partner Yoga – a practice that strengthens not only your body but also the bonds of your heart.

Indigenous American Flute and Sound

Embark on a captivating Flute Sound Journey led by a Native American of the Yaqui tribe, who skillfully crafts traditional flutes in the ancient way. Immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful melodies that transcend time and culture, creating a transformative and healing musical experience. The addition of complementary instruments forms a sonic tapestry that promotes deep relaxation and inner balance, inviting you to discover profound harmony and spiritual connection.