Be a Kentucky Yoga Festival Sponsor

Kentucky Yoga Festival is looking to partner with brands who share our market and mission. See our current sponsorship tier opportunities below.


Great for

Tree Pose


Great for Small Businesses

Warrior III


Great for Studios &
Local Businesses

Warrior II


Only 3 Spots

Warrior I


Great for Large Businesses

Humble Warrior

Be a Kentucky Yoga Festival Sponsor

a la carte sponsorship

See our à la carte sponsorship opportunities below at $2000 per selection. 

Music Concert - Friday or Saturday

Immersive experience presented by your company to engage Kentucky Yoga Festival Festival Guests, & other simultaneous weekend festival attendees.


Any movement area presented by your company at Kentucky Yoga Festival

Tea/Drink Service Sponsorship

Enhance your on-site exposure at the Festival by providing your own product to be served. Service will be featured in the lobby of the Festival.

Welcome Bag

There’s a sea of bags that all say your company’s name! Bag sponsorship means your name travels everywhere – both during and after the festival!

Inspirational Talks Sponsorship

Volunteer Sponsorship

Budget Reducing
Product Donor

In trade minimum donation of $2500

Non Budget Reducing
Product Donor

$500+ product donation of 500 or 1000 units