Guides & facilitators

These amazing guides and facilitators will be sharing their knowledge and skills with us at the 2022 Kentucky Yoga Festival. You wont want to miss all the magic that is going to happen this year. Check out the event schedule HERE

Mary Welp

RISE Hypnotic Meditation

Jaime Brown

Laughter Yoga

Katie Grace

Slow Burn: A Yin Yoga Experience
Mindful Nourishment
Lunar Abundance

Wonky Tonk

Abbreviated Kaula Tantra Yoga
The Art of Ritual

Teresa Johnson

Functional Flow
Spring Recipe for Elemental Flow

Dr. Melissa Carver

Expanding Consciousness Through Perspectives

Subha Lembach

Connecting with Crystals
Embodying Inclusivity in Yoga

Hannah Russell

Storytime Asana

Teri Hall

Spring Detox

Lauren Kallmeyer

Herbal Medicine to Enhance Yoga


Rose Alchemy

Restorative Yoga & Reiki
Everyday Devotion for the Busy Yogi
Intro to Reiki

Susan Tutino & Kati Murphy

Mantra Music Meditation

Courtney YOUphoriafy

Transformative Power of Breathwork
Guided Ecstatic Dance Journey w/DJ

JB Macc

Yoga Wheel: The Lesser Known Prop
Mandalas: Create Your Own
Partner Yoga
Headstands: An Introduction & Exploration

Courtney Faiello

Yoga + Sound Healing
Chakra Meditation + Kirtan

Nina Swati

Sound Journey
Bhakti Yoga

Michelle Gantner

Clearing, Healing, & Sealing Energy
Womb Wisdom

Sarah Belzile

Intro to Tantra
Life as Yoga: What is an Ashram?

Clarence Cruz

Pituitary Gland Series

Romi Kalova

Soundful Journey
Gentle Hatha Yoga & Chanting Integration

Diane Speer

The Art of Self Care through Self Compassion

Hanna Rainbow

Ceremony: Blue Lotus Tea


Ben Short

Yin & Yang Flow with Live Music Savasana

Lucy Tenhundfeld

The Fungus Among Us

Amethyst Forest

Healing through Art Journaling
Manifest your Dream Relationship
Embody the Goddess
The Worthy Creative

Sammy Lyon

Wake and Shake Morning Yoga
Soften Into the Sunset Yoga
Funky Little Yoga Flow

Peter Kretzmann

Ancient Keys to Achieving Success and Happiness


Emily Sparks

Divine Feminine Yoga Flow
Open Your Heart – Heart Chakra Flow

Regan Wann

Sacred Awakening: Painted Symbols
Sacred Awakening: Sacred Touch

Ms. Audrey

Animal Action – Move Like Animals
Let’s Play! Yoga Games for All Ages
Reset and Rest

Melanie Thomas

No More Ouchies Yoga

Marluz Tajonar-Meyer

Chopra Health – Introduction to Ayurveda


Megan Higdon

Yoga + Mobility
Yin Yoga
Sunrise Yoga
Foundations of Yoga

Trisha Young

Pure Soul Paddle Board Yoga

Cozmic Water Yoga

Gong Bath SoundRise Embodiment 
Kirtan and Tales
Mantra Japa
Introduction to Somatic Yoga

Pharann Hoffman

Lower Body and Hip Surrender Yoga
Sound Journey

Gigi Jagadamba Santiago

Breath of Life- A Pranayama Experience
Soulful Consciousness Meditation


The Yoga of Practical Mycology

Lance Minnis

Sacred Awakening: Painted Symbols
Sacred Awakening: Sacred Touch