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About KY Yoga Fest - A unique outdoor yoga experience

About KY Yoga Fest - A Unique Outdoor Yoga Experience

Nestled on the cliffs of the Little Barren River, the vision of Kentucky Yoga Festival is to create a space for connection, adventure, play, relaxation and healing. We’ll co-create an entirely unique experience of yoga and mindfulness classes, time in nature, music, movement, food, and community that enriches the heart and feeds the soul. 

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and imagine yourself surrounded by beauty. The gentle sound of the Little Barren River serenades you as you look into the eyes of friends and family.

As you wake in the morning, inhale the mist and distant aroma of incense, you will be filled with gratitude for the beauty of Kentucky – the bluegrass, tall trees, and chorus of crickets.

Begin your day in the Meditation Meadow, the Pavilion for Morning Yoga, or the Healing Oasis for some loving body work. Grab a coffee from The Rooster’s Whistle, or tea from Appalachian Herbals, or a breakfast treat from Handlebar Nate’s. Visit the sound garden for a tranquil beginning.

During the day choose from workshops/kayaking/outdoor yoga/meditation/art/ guided nature walks or stillness under the shade of the trees along the river. There are a variety of vendors offering herbal teas, crystals, yoga attire, and a myriad of beautiful creations. The evenings are filled with dance parties, chanting, drum circles, and stargazing.

Kentucky Yoga Festival is a locally homegrown, grassroots, organic, green event in it’s 3rd year, 
Gratitude and Blessings!

If wild sleep, star gazing, yoga adventures, and meaningful connections are what make you shine, this experience is for you!

We are a family-friendly event!

This is a child-friendly event! We don’t just mean that children are allowed, we mean that there are classes and activities DESIGNED for your children!

We will have the Sprout Garden area as a dedicated space for kids classes AND an Imagination Station Theme Camp full of all the fun things.


Laughter Yoga
Yin Yoga
Outdoor Yoga for Beginners
Acrobatic Yoga

Self Care

Essential Oils
Sound Bathing
Organic Body Care Products

Unique Shopping

Drums & Instruments
Handmade Jewelry
Yoga Props
KY's Best Food Trucks
Yoga & Flow Clothing

Conscious Living

Cacao Ceremony
Community Building
Healthy Living
Human/Nature Connection

Kentucky Yoga Festival strives to be a
zero-waste, outdoor yoga event.

We ask all participants to pack it in, pack it out and give the venue land the utmost respect. We also have a volunteer Green Team that will be helping keep things clean and litter free.
Here are some tips on zero waste camping –
🌱 Go Reusable – bring a reusable bottle and a dining set per person. There is running water on site for you to fill your bottle and wash your dishes as needed. You can also fill a solar shower to use at your site throughout the weekend
🌱 Plan meals in advance – we will have food vendors on site but you’ll likely want to snack at camp as well. Plan out your meals and snacks for the weekend so as to reduce waste.
🌱 Food waste is still waste – please do not though your food waste in the woods. Just because it is biodegradable doesn’t mean it belongs and many food scraps take years to break down. If you compost at home consider bringing a bin or bag to take your compostable items back to your home bin.
🌱Bring a bag for trash and a bag for recycling – keep your campsite clean with dedicated bags to collect your trash and recycling for the weekend.
🌱 Wear eco-friendly sunscreen – it is going to be warm and we want you to enjoy the river; However, ingredients in sunscreens and personal care products can be disruptive to our waterways. Check your ingredients before hopping in.

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