Sam Sharkey

Tarot & Yoga Exploration

Tarot, archetypes, breath work, meditation, journaling, and postures to link our spiritual selves and our bodies. Bring your deck, and/or your inquisitive mind! —— Card readings (tarot, oracle, or many others) are an enlivening part of our mental and spiritual practice. They can offer perspective shifts, course corrections, and a positive focus for our minds as we move through daily life. Yoga makes space in our psyches for greater peace, and cards can give our attention an appropriate anchor for the season of our life. Join us as we move, breathe, study, doodle and meditate on the aspects of ourselves that can be illuminated with card readings from different traditions. In addition to our slow flow yoga practice, we will explore: – the Three Energetic Forces of Yoga (Gunas) – Archetypal Energies through the lens of Rachel Pollacl – How these Energies and Archetypes interact in readings – How to apply the wisdom of readings to our lives Material will be covered as the interests and affinities of participants directs. Leave feeling open in your body, connected with the current phase of your life journey, and more aligned with the focused wisdom of a/your deck! Please bring your yoga mat (though we have plenty extra), journal, cozy layered clothes that allow for free movement, and any cards or decks you want to work with (optional). Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, this event is open to all who are ready to explore and expand their energy!

Root Chakra: Yoga & Self Study

Breathwork, guided meditation, journaling, and postures focused on healing and strengthening the root chakra. ———— The Root Chakra is in the pelvis, hips, and feet, and deals with themes of security, physicality, and enough-ness. Join us as we flow, journal, chant, and meditate on this aspect of our selves! All are welcome. No experience necessary for participation. If you’ve ever felt depressed, fearful, anxious, or if you live with your head in the clouds, the wisdom of this Chakra probably holds some healing balm for you. The medicine this Chakra offers is trust, hope, and grounding in ourselves and the earth. Practice the yogic virtues of self-study and surrender as we move through postures, breathwork, and a guided meditation to come home to ourselves. Options for sharing our experiences in meditation will give us all insight into each others’ wisdom. Leave feeling centered, connected, and more at home in your body! Bring a yoga mat or blanket, a journal, and cozy layered clothes that allow for free movement. This is a inclusive and trauma-informed space for you to explore and express yourself. We will make every effort to create safety and welcome for all attending.