Renata White

Alchemy of Shadow

So my workshop is deeply based on Carl Yung Shadow theory but not only (I draw from other.) It provides basic framework for understanding what shadow is, how to recognize it, and how to address it so it can be integrated back into our being for wholeness (Yung calls it the individuation process.) Besides talking about parts of our unconscious that affect our lives negatively (usually coming from trauma, specially childhood, cultural and social conditioning etc. ) I like to focus on the so called “golden shadow” which is the good stuff in us (our talents, abilities, desires, dreams) but also banished into the unconscious for different reasons. I end the workshop with exercise of drawing your shadow (on cardboard and chalk) so people leave with their own artwork of sorts. It’s really basic self-therapy/psychology and my hopes are it can inspire and teach some basic self-reflection which is crucial on the path to wholeness. 3 hours would be the best time allowed for this class.