Mandy Jolley & Nicole Bartlett

Sol Integrations: Yoga & Breathwork

A complete mind, body, and soul experience! We will start the workshop with a brief introduction of the breath practice, followed by a short meditation. Next, we’ll move into a 30-minute dynamic power vinyasa flow that focuses on alignment and connecting with the body, followed by an activating breathwork session called Breath of the Wild. Breath of the Wild includes a 30-minute breathwork technique to open deep layers of consciousness—this state of higher awareness shifts perspective, creating a broader understanding of universal access. Light touch is available to help move energy through the body for participants who want that. We will end our time together integrating this elevated state of consciousness through rest. The combined session will be orchestrated to an upbeat and dynamic soundtrack. We ask that participants bring a mat, and optionally a cushion or pillow and blanket.