Leah Van Winkle

Ayurvedic Yoga: An Experience of the Doshas

Join Leah Van Winkle in an hour+ yoga practice, exploring the Ayurvedic doshas through movement. In this ancient healing system, the doshas represent a person’s elemental constitution, and can help us identify where we need to find balance in our lives. Through yoga and movement, we will explore elemental energies that work with our natural constitution and current circumstances, tools and awareness you can then use on a regular basis to cultivate balance in your life.

Thai Bodywork Learning Exchange

In this introductory workshop, we’ll explore the basics of Thai bodywork and empower you with some tools and knowledge to share touch and massage with friends, family, and loved ones.Thai Bodywork is a partner movement practice and an integral part of the traditional healing system of ancient Thailand. It skillfully combines deep tissue massage, assisted stretching, and mindfulness to create a unique healing experience for both the giver and receiver. Rooted in Buddhist spirituality, Thai Massage combines the health benefits of passive yoga postures with deep tissue massage techniques to create a powerful healing effect in the body. Come with a partner or meet one here, and we’ll learn and exchange a 30 min sequence you can take home and share with others! Thai Massage is done fully clothed on a cushioned floor mat, without the use of oils or lotions. No fancy tables or equipment is required! Just a kind intention to share joy, presence, and compassion.