Moving Mandala Magic

A Mandala is an ancient and sacred geometrical symbol or pattern that can be used to represent the Universe and essentially, our life’s journey and evolution. We think of our body as our vehicle, consciousness as the driver, our breath as the fuel, and the Mandala is the grand map in which we flow within to discover ourselves and our unlimited potential. To embody the symbol of the Mandala, we flow from posture to posture either creating a semi-circle or completing a full 360 around the mat in a circular manner, facing all sides of the mat, synchronizing movement with the breath. We use the energetic magic of our bodies to create shapes, building this Mandala pattern, stretching out and expanding, directing our intention with energy, adding layers with each sequence, building and growing from the center – our very own center, much like the shape of the Mandala itself. Flowing in this way enables us to experience a form of moving meditation.