Ben Short

Arm Balance & Inversions Workshop

Opportunity to learn and practice several different arm balances and inversions. You will be instructed patiently through a progression of arm balances: how to get started, fundamentals, how to explore more challenge, and how to get upside down! Zero pressure class, beginners feel welcome to try it out!


Late night, gather to be expertly guided through observing the night sky. In this casual class, you’ll be invited to lay down, and look up! Instructed with an industrial laser pointer making it easy for all around to see, you’ll learn where and how to begin identifying significant stars/planets/constellations. Learn how to find the North Star and everything around it, find the Zodiac constellations. And also be treated to a fascinating discussion on The Big Bang, and the mindblowing scale and science of what exactly we’re actually looking at out there!