Suzy Hawkfire

Awakening Confidence Shamanic Journey & Talking Circle

In this playshop we will weave sacred space, discuss barriers to our confidence when trying new things, expanding past our perceived limits, and following our dreams. We will then embark on a shamanic journey to explore the origination of those beliefs, then stoke that inner fire of transformation that alchemizes unhelpful stories. Through this journey, participants will walk away with their hearts open and shoulders back, embodying trust and confidence in themselves, their abilities, and the support of the universe.

Ecstatic Dance Journey: Opening to it all

This Ecstatic Dance Journey will begin with face painting (optional), weaving sacred space, and a movement lexicon. We will then enter the portal of dance through a curated playlist intended on leading participants into a journey focused on opening body, mind, and spirit to a more spacious consciousness. Similar to a traditional shamanic journey, this ecstatic dance journey is intended to shift consciousness and enable transformative experiences.