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Kentucky Yoga Festival is a 3 day locally homegrown and sustainable yoga, music, & arts festival located in the beautiful lands of Kentucky!

Change Yourself.
Change the World.

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About Our Offerings

Kentucky Yoga Festival Savasana

Learn from a range of knowledgeable and talented instructors promoting authentic living and alignment through yoga and art.

Kentucky Yoga Festival Music

The live musicians that share with us really set the vibe - presenting an atmosphere suited for healing, transformation, and dancing.

Kentucky Yoga Festival Healing Oasis

Staffed with highly trained and heartfelt practitioners, our aim is to facilitate opportunities for you to be your absolute best possible self!

Kentucky Yoga Festival Third Eye Market

Our Third Eye Market is focused on bringing goods and services aligned with the multi-dimensional souls that are destined to attend.

Can't wait for Kentucky Yoga Festival?

You can head on over to our sister company at Playthink University to check out a variety of yoga and meditation classes available online!

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

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